What You need to Consider When Purchasing a Tent

What You need to Consider When Purchasing a Tent

1. Warmth

The first thing to look for is the tent’s ability to shield you from the cold. You will need something with heavy fabric that keeps away the cold. 4-season tents are especially designed to cater for this. Other than just thinking about the tent walls, also consider your tent’s flooring. The floor should be both insulating, waterproof and versatile enough to endure the punishment from your heavy winter boots.

2. Tent’s capacity

The worst thing that could ever happen to you in winter is separation from your group. Keeping someone near you increases your chances of surviving. The help could be mutual, by sharing body heat, or physical by helping each other do something. Buying a tent that can accommodate three to four people will not only keep you close to the team but also let you use natural body heat to warm things up.

3. Tent quality

Even though you shouldn’t be camping in a blizzard, expecting it and carrying a tent that is strong enough to endure the gale could save your life. In most cases, you have to work with tents that have reinforcing aluminum poles, stakes and reinforced doors. This will not only keep the tent at one place but also allow you to open the tent doors in a considerably rough weather.

4. Ventilation

In as much as we are trying to keep the heat inside by using heavy walls, a poorly ventilated tent could be your very demise. Your body produces moisture. This moisture could easily condense and get the inside of the tent wet if it’s not vented out properly. Go for a tent with adjustable venting mechanism as this could give you control over the tent’s microclimate, just like you would use a window to control a house’s temperature.

5. Ease of access

Three or four people is quite a number. Fitting through one tiny door in a hurry could be impossible. Buying a tent with two doors makes things simpler. You can split doors for faster entry and exist. Better still, in case something blocks one entrance, you can always use the second to escape unscarred.

6. Portability

Even though this should be the last thing on your mind when choosing a winter tent, it won’t do you any harm to choose something that is easy to tot about. Consider how you will be transporting the tent before making your decision.